Organic Ceylon Tea

From earliest times, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) has held sway over cultivation and production of a variety of teas. The sylvan hills of Ceylon and its climate encourage tea plantations. A large chunk of the island's population is engaged in tea trade. Considering the limited country's cultivable land, tea has been one of the most popular of cash crops of the island. Thus it comes as no surprise that Ceylon is a major tea exporter of the world. The little island has mastered the art of agriculture of specialized teas. One such type of tea worthy of mention is organic Ceylon tea. There is a large range of organic Ceylon teas, like Organic Black Garden Tea, Organic Black Breakfast Tea, Organic Garden Earl Grey Tea and Organic Garden Ginger/Lemon/Orange/Jasmine Tea. Replete with vigor, organic Ceylon tea is an epitome of taste, nutrition, laced with a great flavor and aroma.

Organic Ceylon Tea hails from tea estates of Dimbulla region which is famous for it. Organic tea of Ceylon is made with nature and people's well being at the hub of importance. While not tampering with Mother Nature, organic tea offers little or no harm to the tea drinker's health. This tea is renowned for the flavor of mountains. It enthuses energetic vitality and seems to take away most of the anxieties of the tea consumer, sooths his nerves and acts as a harbinger of tremendous amount of peace and tranquility.

Due to the fact that organic Ceylon tea is cultivated naturally, using no artificial fertilizers or chemicals, it is considered a safe beverage which protects rather than harm the person consuming it. No pesticides or preservatives are used either and tea from Ceylon are USDA 100% organic. The term "Organic" means that this tea is manufactured in accordance with certain stipulated standards. Addition of chemicals to tea production proves to be detrimental to a healthy life.

The habit of drinking organic tea is ideal for health. These teas are inexpensive because labor is cheap in Ceylon and readily obtainable, needing less expenditure for hand-picking tea leaves, processing, packaging and exporting it. This feature has added more charm and attraction to the already much hyped tea of Ceylon, making it world famous. Brew up a cup of the legendry organic Ceylon tea, experience the exhilarating emotions that overpower you and continue to enjoy good health at the same time..