Organic Chai Tea

Have you heard of the organic chai tea? If so, you probably come from India- the country in which the brew was born. The name "chai tea" would probably sound unfamiliar and even strange to most of the foreigners- people coming from Europe and North America for example.

But what if I tell you that probably all of you have consumed this beverage or at least a beverage like that? Sure, you will think that I am crazy but I am actually right. The truth is that the organic chai tea is nothing else but black coffee. Of course, the Indians have improved it as they add ginger, cinnamon and pepper. And not deliberately, we just created the recipe for organic chai tea.

However, as you already know how to prepare it you are probably asking yourself the question what effect the tea has. Everybody knows that some sorts of teas could be really strong; and there are even teas (although they are very few) which can be bought only from a drug store and only with a prescription. Fortunately, I can calm you down because the chai tea is not such a strong beverage. However, it still contains a lot of caffeine- let's not forget that it is actually black tea and as you know the black tea contains huge amounts of caffeine! I would not recommend it to people with high blood pressure or people who have had strokes or heart attacks! It is totally wrong you give the brew to children under 16 as the tea may cause exasperation and sleeplessness. Some people underestimate the chai tea's strength and even doctors let pregnant women take it. However, most of the doctors would tell you that it is not a good idea because although it is tea, you should think of it as a cup of not very strong coffee!

As we made it clear which people should not consume this wonderful beverage, we already can talk about the brew's benefits. It could be actually quite useful for people who feel kind of run-down or tired. The chai tea also stimulates the mental and physical activity which results in increasing the effectiveness of work or studying process. And of course you can also consume the tea just because you like it and find that it tastes good. Most of you will fall in love with the organic chai tea as soon as they taste it and will certainly never stop consuming it! There is really nothing to stop you, especially the cost- a package of organic chai tea costs only $6 and it will be enough for almost 2 months. Doesn't it sound great?