Organic Loose Leaf Tea

What exactly is organic loose leaf tea? The preparation of organic loose leaf tea involves the combination of organic green tea leaves. - What materializes is a concoction that is green tea but of very high quality - what makes this special is its aroma which is quite unique. This is definitely organic and therefore healthy and can be prepared in a short span of time.

The chief composition of organic loose leaf tea are the tea leaves which are sourced directly from the tea plantations - the idea is to bypass the middlemen so that the quality of tea will be purer and also there will be a distinct cost saving - by sourcing the tea directly from the tea growers, one is able to ensure a high quality of tea. This will be an ideal gift to present to your family members, relatives and friends. They will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness and will like this tea once they have drunk it. Some of them may be experiencing this for the first time and once they have tasted it, chances are that they will continue to use the tea in future - no doubt, it is a little expensive but connoisseurs of tea would not mind the additional expenditure.

This type of tea first originated in China. This type of tea is produced by using a technique which has been used for nearly a thousand years in China - the idea is to remain faithful to the original technique. This definitely contains more antioxidants than vegetables, fruits and wines. What antioxidants does is that they prevent the additional clogging of arteries (helps in preventing arteriosclerosis), helps heart patients and builds up your immunity system. The nice thing about this tea is that not only is it healthy, has fewer calories but is also tasty. As said before, it has a nice aroma, helps people who wish to reduce their weight or to maintain their existing weight (since it has less calories ), keeps your mouth free of bad odor - in short, it keeps your body and mind refreshed. The aroma of this tea also has a soothing effect, so that when you come back from a hard day's work, having a cup of piping hot, organic loose leaf tea can be invigorating and calming. Some people say that this can be had even when you are feeling stressed or uneasy or insecure it can have a soothing effect on your nerves and helps to clear your mind. One should have this atleast twice a day - of course, calorie watchers would do well to have less sugar with it.