Organic Loose Tea

Organic tea is tea that is grown on land that is free of chemicals. Organic tea growers practice organic methods of agriculture and avoid chemical fertilization, disease control and crop protection. The tea produced does not contain any residual harmful chemicals and you don't need many scientific researches to tell you that they have proved that drinking organic tea may increase health benefits. Drinking tea has been an inherited habit over generations. We now taste many types of tea packed in bags, bottles, boxes, and containers of various shapes and designs.

Most people in general buy tea from cafes, or supermarkets. There we can find tea packed under numerous brand names. The wrapping, packets, bottles and boxes that the tea comes in are very attractive and the description on them sounds tastier than the actual ingredients the containers hold. Nevertheless, most tea products we see in the market are not quality products and they don't provide the health benefits as you would have expected. The other minus point is, these tea products are expensive. These reasons and many others compel people to rely on loose teas, especially organic loose tea that is available in health care markets.

Loose organic tea improves your health, as producers of organic loose tea get the leaf for processing from farmers who follow only natural methods to grow the tea plants. They don't use chemicals and pesticides to kill insects as well as artificial fertilizers for increasing yields. On the other hand, buying organic loose tea is cheaper than buying other tea products. You can have organic loose tea in bulk for a very low price.

People drink organic loose tea regularly to improve their health. An effective antioxidant, flavonoid is in organic loose-leaf tea. This antioxidant helps to protect body cells from free radicals. Free radicals accumulate in the body naturally and with time, gradually damages body tissues. Another major benefit that flavanoids have is the ability to destroy the enzymes that indirectly help the growing of cancer cells. Many researches have proved that drinking green tea actually help lower risks of cancers.

In addition, organic loose tea has the ability to reduce heart attacks. It lowers cholesterol in the blood and enhances the activation of blood vessels as well as restrict their inflammation that normally causes arteriosclerosis. Drinking organic loose tea also helps reduce teeth degeneration. This happens as a result of fluoride reactions, which is found in organic loose tea substances. Fluoride also helps to restrict harmful bacteria, which greatly contributes to degeneration of dental enamels. Furthermore, a research done in Taiwan has revealed that organic loose-leaf tea consumption for a long period may strengthen the bones to a great extent thereby reducing fractures.