Organic Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is among the teas that are originally Chinese. It is cultivated from the C. sinensis plant, the same that is used to cultivate black and green teas. To get oolong tea, the oxidation time is more than that used for green tea, but lesser than that for green tea. Oolong tea is sometimes referred to as Wu-long tea, or in translation as black dragon tea. It has a rich taste with a striking aroma, somewhat bitter taste, but with a sweet aftertaste. Oolong tea leaves may either be curly or ball-like depending on the kind of processing done. Organic oolong tea is your ordinary oolong tea, which has been grown using organic farming methods. Pesticides, inorganic fertilizers or herbicides have not been used, meaning it's untainted with artificial additives. It usually has organic certification from the area it's grown in. Regulatory bodies in different countries may also include their indigenous organic seals to ascertain that its 100% organic.

Organic oolong tea is far much better than oolong tea cultivated using inorganic methods. It's purer, and less contaminated with undesired chemicals. You get to enjoy the full health benefits, without worrying about intake of chemicals that may have stuck around the plant from the use of pesticides and related chemicals.

The best organic oolong tea is usually the loose-leaf kind. That's because it reserves greater aroma and flavor, compared to the bagged counterparts. Oolong tea is commercially produced in China and Taiwan. The best organic oolong tea is often thought to originate from the Himalayas which is part true. Even for organic oolong teas, the grading is the same. Big Red Robe still remains at the top as the highest grade of the tea, with Golden Water and Irhon Arhat in close pursuit. There are green and dark organic oolong tea varieties depending on the baking time. The green have stronger aromas, while the dark have stronger aftertastes.

Organic oolong is often steeped for not more than 4 minutes. The same leaves can be steeped a frequent number of times. The best thing about oolong is that subsequent steeps are often better. And just like the none-organic variety, you can expect much (more) from organic oolong in terms of health benefits. The most common include provision of antioxidants to the body which rid of free radicals. It also strengthens the immune system and aids in the process of weight loss.