Organic Red Tea

Rooibos is the popular name of the organic red tea. South Africa is the place of origin for such tea. The list of the health disorders against which the organic red tea provides protection is very long indeed. It includes all types of cancer, specially the skin cancer, cardiac arrests and strokes. The tea is very much useful against these two major disorders.

A healthy nervous system results from the magnesium component. Large traces of magnesium are found in the Rooibos.

The Utilities

Not just magnesium but the organic red tea is also very rich with other minerals such as the copper and potassium. These minerals are very useful to boost the body metabolism.

As compared to the other forms of the tea the tannin content in the Rooibos is very low. The tannin reduces the ability of the body to intake the iron that the body needs. This is another reason why the organic red tea is ideal and preferable over other teas. It even works as a major relaxing agent. Therefore, this is recommended to the patients that are suffering from the mild or the secondary depression and from the nervous tension. This tea is most suitable for the kidney stones patients, as it does not contain the oxalic acid, the intake of which is barred to the kidney stones patients. The organic red tea even serves as a very effective drink for the sports persons and as any other tea does, it even helps in reducing the weight.

The Truth about the Rooibos

Many people are learning about the organic red herbal tea and trying it. Its popularity has started to increase in a great deal for some time now. It is worth that many people are turning to this drink, as it is not just healthy but tasty too.

Aspalathus Linearis is the plant of which the organic red tealeaves are herbal tisane. It cannot really be called a tea. The particular bush grows only in the African continent that too in South Africa alone. A bush does not grow very big. The leaves are green like as that of any other tealeaves when picked. Only after undergoing fermentation, they appear red in color.

As the history goes for any other tea from any other plant of the world, the organic red tea was also consumed as the medicinal syrup in the South Africa. It was very recently that the cultivation of this tea leaves in undertaken for the commercial purpose and this drink is relished as a refresher.