Organic Tea Coffee

The tea and the coffee are not the refreshing beverages; their utilities are beyond the basic criterion that they fulfill. The organic herbs are how they are well known to the people who are very much updated about the tea. Right from the Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines until the modern and the latest cosmetic products, they are an important content. We will see the organic characteristics of the tea and coffee one by one in brief.

The Organic Tea

The all forms of tea that are known to man are the organic medicinal herbs. The organic tea is accepted, consumed and is popular world wide because of its numerous health benefits. The most common medicinal application of the organic tea is that it is effective in boosting the weight loss treatment. This is done by a combination of various processes. The thermosis and the biolysis are the major ones. The earlier process helps to boost the metabolism of the body and in the later, the burning of the body fats takes place. Apart from it, many agents provide resistance against the carcinogenic substances. These components are found in the tea. They help to build a strong immunity power in the person’s body and so he is protected against the common cold and flu infections.

The Organic Coffee

The cultivation of the organic coffee is free from the use of growth hormones and the harmful chemicals. The process is same as the cultivation of organic food. There are certain requirements that the farmers who want to cultivate the organic food and obtain the organic Certification. Here are the criterions.

* The use of fertilizers food addictives, antibiotics and pesticides that are the synthetic chemical components should be avoided. Along with this the irradiation, use of sewage and the organisms that are genetically modified also have to be avoided.

* The records of production and the records of sales must be maintained regularly.

* The routine inspections of the sites must also be a regular process.

The cultivation of the coffee does not lead to deforestation as it is grown in the shade. This means that there is no cutting of the trees involved. Moreover, that absence of chemicals and fertilizers does helps not to degrade the soil any further. This is usually done in the cultivation of the regular coffee. The ill effects of the chemicals that are used can be so severe that even a small quantity of them can render the soil infertile for years to come.

The added advantage is that it saves the farmers from the cost that they have to incur on chemicals. The organic coffee leaves no doubt fetch good price. However, the above fact further contributes to such profits.