Organic Tea Wholesale


Organic varieties, including tea, are grown without the use of any chemicals be it pesticides or fertilizers. The soil is supplemented with natural compost and, mulch to provide extra nutrients. Though organic farming is labor intensive it produces superior tea quality. Organic tea provides improved flavor and also health benefits because these have a higher amount of anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants help the body to fight against the damage to the body cells caused by the free radicals. Organic tea farming is beneficial from the view point of farmers as this helps the tea plants to live for a greater duration and remain healthy.

Organic tea is a superior quality tea which is high in anti-oxidants like polyphenol, these help the controlling the ageing process and also helps in boosting the immune system. It even assists in controlling the risk against cancer, heart attacks and other health problems. The tea is rich in various nutrients like calcium, potassium and magnesium and also in vitamins like A, C, E and K, all these help in fighting cataract, arthritis and also in producing stronger bones.

Organic tea wholesale

People are day by day becoming aware about the benefits of organic farming and organic food. The demand for organic varieties including tea is increasing in demand and thus providing a great deal for profitable business line. Organic tea wholesale business is a very profitable idea. Organic tea farming provides benefits to farmers as they can use the tea plants for almost 100 years and thus reducing the expense of changing plants frequently, thus wholesale business in organic tea is a good business line. Organizations like the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement and the United States Department of Agriculture, issues certificate to those farms which meet the requirements of organic tea farming. Wholesale business provides high margin by procuring the organic tea at lower cost as these are purchased in bulk quantity. Organic tea wholesalers can procure trade and cash discount on bulk purchases made and prompt cash payment. As the demand for organic tea is on rise, this business would always be profitable. All the more, organic farming is the need of the time because the chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in other farming methods have caused serious health problems. There are many online stores and sites from which one can easily but organic tea at wholesale price. Internet also provides a great platform for organic tea wholesalers to sell their products world wide.