Organic White Tea

White tea is got from basically the same plant as green and black tea. The difference comes in with the oxidation process. For white tea, it's only allowed to occur minimally, while the leaves wilt just slightly enough to differentiate it from green tea. The term organic is incorporated to refer to the practices carried out before harvesting. Organic white tea simply means tea cultivated without chemicals, inorganic fertilizers or pesticides of any kind. In other words, it's untainted with artificial ingredients, making it wholesome and healthy. In the US, organic white tea has USDA certification to ascertain that it's truly organic.

Many countries specialize in the production of organic white tea. China is of course the leading country with Sri Lanka and India being key players as well. Organic white teas are graded differently, depending on the precise part of the plant where the tea comes from. The Silver Needle for instance, is the highest graded of all Chinese teas. It's made exclusively from unopened buds that have not been tampered with. The White Peony comes at a grade lower. It's also Chinese, and is made from a bud and two leaves. Assam and Ceylon white are varieties from outside China which are equally good.

Organic white tea is associated with a lot of benefits. Before divulging to those specifics, it would be essential to highlight that they are the healthiest choices because they have no artificial chemicals of any kind. Secondly, they contain lower levels of caffeine. And because the oxidation time is lesser, white teas are often richer in polyphenols and generally oxidants. Compared to the other types of tea, white tea is generally sweeter with a characteristic mild taste that's quite unique.

Some of the benefits attributed to organic white tea include anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects. That in other words is to say that susceptibility to bacterial infections is lowered. It has higher amounts of catechin due to the little processing done to it. This plant metabolite is anti-carcinogenic, meaning that you are protected from certain kinds of cancers. This tea has also been observed to reduce the risks of having rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular complications. And because it increases fat metabolism, it's a great companion when it comes to weight loss. There are also ant aging properties in the tea.

Organic white tea is available in tea bag form or as loose tea where you have control of the strength.