Peppermint Herbal Tea

We all know pepper mint for its mouth freshening property. All of us pop a mint in to our mouths, when we want instant oral freshness and at times when we are struggling to get rid of a particularly strong odour of the garlic or onion or fish eaten just minutes ago. The peppermint herbal tea is nothing but a decoction of the mint leaves and drinking it as tea.

But what most of us do not know is about its other health benefits. People who have experienced the health benefits are ready to swear by its healing properties. Mint has been traditionally used in Indian food, and added as a paste to the hot curries while cooking or also used as a solitary dish called as the Pudina chutney or mint chutney as an accompaniment to other wonderful dishes like rice flour pan cakes called as doshas. Indians use a lot of mint in their every day cooking because they are well aware of the gastric soothing property of mint. The Indian food is usually very spicy and full of an array of numerous spices. So the mint is added to the diet, in order to balance the scales and cool the gastric linings.

It is a prudent idea to make your self some hot or iced peppermint herbal tea when you are suffering from a stomach upset. If you have loose motions or even vomiting, you can definitely trust the iced peppermint herbal tea, to relive you quickly. It quietens the disorder in the alimentary tract and is a wonderful remedy for flatulence and bloating of the abdomen. Some times you eat some stuff and you feel bloated all of a sudden, with heart burn and sour eructation. Never mind because there is help at hand with the iced peppermint herbal tea.

Another well known trait is the soothing effect on the sore throat and the respiratory passages. How does it feel to suck on a mint when you are grappling with a sore throat and would like to reach down in to your throat to scratch it out? Mint has wonderful cooling and soothing properties and instantly soothes the irritation of the respiratory passages in case of a cold and sore throat.

What we did not know was probably its anti bacterial effect. Mint can kill disease producing bacteria and some viruses too. So it is a wonderful drink to have when you feel run down with a cold or fever due to the flu. It also relieves muscle cramps and aches.

Mint also allays sun burns because of its cooling effects. Mint soothes the burnt areas of skin.