Play Tea Sets

If you are a parent of a little girl undoubtedly you have heard of the play tea sets. Your daughter is probably always asking you to get her a new play tea set because she got tired of the old one. And it is even more interesting that when we say "little daughter" we do not mean only the girls at the age of three or four as some of them are around 8 years old. There are many girls who throw imaginary tea parties and even invite the parents as guests.

As you could see the play tea sets are extremely important for every girl and you certainly would not like to disappoint your daughter with a tea set which she would not like. Let's be frank and say that doubtfully there is a set which she will not like at the beginning but your aim should be keeping her interest as long as possible. That is why you are going to be offered several play tea sets which are considered to be the best ones on the market. You need to know that they are a little bit more expensive but it is definitely worth the money because they will keep your daughter's interest for a really long time.

So let's first start with the Tin Tea Set. It is a very durable play tea set and your daughter will, more than surely, fall in love with it. The set comes with plates, spoons, cups and of course a teapot. You can be sure that it is made out of 100% safe material and will not do any harm to your daughter. There are also no small items which could cause any injuries but still it is recommendable you do not get this play tea set if your daughter is under 3. The Tin Tea Set costs $40 but I can assure you that your little girl will be extremely happy when she gets such a beautiful present.

Another play tea set which you may find good is the Princess Tea Set. It has two plates, two teacups and a teapot. All items in the set are made out of real porcelain which will make your girl think that she was given not a toy but a real tea set. However, you should be aware that the porcelain is breakable and that could be extremely dangerous for your daughter. That is why I strongly recommend you not to get the Princess Tea Set if your child is not at lease six-year-old.