Pottery Tea Set

There are a lot of people who think that the pottery is not good material and the tea sets which are made out of pottery are of low quality. Those people usually consider the porcelain tea sets as the best ones. However, I am going to tell you something which you probably do not know and that thing will make all those people figure it out how wrong they are!

Firstly, you should knot that the pottery is actually nothing but baked clay. There are 4 main steps in making the pottery- firstly, preparing the clay mixture; secondly, shaping the clay; thirdly, decorating it; and fourthly- baking the clay! Although all 4 steps are very important, we must say that the last (4th) one is probably the most significant because it depends on the temperature the clay is baked what type of pottery you will create. And there are three main sorts of pottery in existence- the first one is earthenware, the other one- stoneware and the last one- porcelain.

Did you already notice anything? If not, you just need to pay a little bit more attention to the last type of potter. Yes, of course that is the porcelain- the material which is used in 98 per cent of all tea sets. So the conclusion is that the pottery does not have worse qualities than the porcelain just because the porcelain itself is a type of pottery.

But do you actually know what the pros about the porcelain material are? There are many people who consider that porcelain is good just because they have heard it and cannot say why they think this way. Well, there are plenty of reasons- for example the porcelain is formed very easily especially when compared with the stoneware! It is also a kind of material which is easy-to-decorate and the most beautiful tea sets certainly are made out of porcelain.

However, we should be objective and say that there are some disadvantages about the porcelain. For example, earthenware and stoneware (the other two types of pottery) excel the porcelain in compressive, bending and impact strength. These characteristics should not be neglected either as some of the porcelain tea sets (especially the expensive ones) are extremely fragile which could turn out to be a serious problem. You would not like to see your tea set broken one month after you had bought it, would you?

And if we shall compare the prices of those three sorts of pottery it is not surprising that the most expensive one is the porcelain. On average, you can get a porcelain tea set at the cost of around $50 as it can reach $500. And the earthenware and stoneware are usually much cheaper- around $25! I bet that the second offer sounds much better to you, doesn't it?