Premium Chinese Tea

The most popular beverage in the world, only next to water is tea. It is had in almost every culture in some form or the other. Of all the different places and cultures in the world, Chinese tea is one of the best known. The word 'tea' itself originates in fact from China.

China is the place for premium teas. Premium Chinese tea carries the advantage of significant and quite a sizeable number of health benefits, mainly because of the oxidizing effect it has in the body. Primarily, premium Chinese teas reduce the risk of suffering from heart diseases as they prevent the clogging of cholesterol

In the human arteries. This variety of tea is additionally seen to reduce the dangers of few types of cancers such as cancer of the colon. A study was also done which found that that premium Chinese tea, because of its function to bring down the blood glucose activity, prevents diabetes. Apart from this, premium Chinese teas also fulfill a significant function of providing immunity against intestinal disorders and they keep cell membranes from being damaged because of oxidation. These benefits mentioned are in actuality only a handful of the number of benefits of Chinese tea that have been perceived.

Premium Chinese tea is available in very many varieties and the varieties that are available for consumption are extensive, with a number of different types being grown from the times of different Chinese dynasties in the country. With regard to the types of premium Chinese teas available in the Chinese trade industry, the common ones would include these six- white tea, green tea, yellow tea, black tea, oolong tea, and dark tea. The ingredients for these tea types are only the tealeaves that are selected and taken fresh from the tea plants, and processed according to different methods and with varying degrees of fermentation achieved during processing. Each of these tea varieties give out tastes and that are exotic in their own sense and in the sense of being different from the others.

Keeping in mind the popularity that premium Chinese teas enjoy, they can be an excellent gifting idea as well. Think of it- a gift of Chinese tea can be given not to tea-lovers alone, but even to those who are not very acquainted with tea to let them experience its brilliance. They will quite surely be pleasantly satisfied and caught unawares by the refined taste of the tea. Then again, by gifting them a pouch of premium Chinese tea, you will be helping them to remain in the best of health. So, knowing that health is wealth, what better gift can you think of?