Pure Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is a very high demand black tea coming from the different tea districts in Sri Lanka. In London auction's Ceylon tea goes for very high prices in bids, as Sri Lanka's tea growing district has all of the six most favored qualities when it comes to picking and growing tea plants for all tea kinds--green, white and black tea. Ceylon tea has a unique and very versatile taste that many tea connoisseurs look for in their tea, and Sri Lanka has been producing this type of tea for the past one hundred and twenty five years with very great success. They hand pick the two most tender leaves and the buds to create only the best type of tea possible in Ceylon. Two major grades of this tea are "Broken Orange Pekoe" and the "Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings", with all the rest of the types being termed as off grade teas.

While it takes as much as five pounds of leaf to make a single pound of Ceylon tea, the demand is such that it tons and tons of it are now being shipped worldwide. Mainly, this can be because not only of its unique taste, full bodied texture, aromatic fragrance and brilliant colors which attract many tea lovers, but also perhaps for its medicinal benefits that, while present in all kinds of tea, have an unusual potency in the Ceylon Black. Being a naturally slimming kind of tea, it aims to burn out a great deal of one's bad cholesterol, as well as improve the body's sense of well-being, urging a state of better health along. The anti-oxidant qualities of this tea also include flavanoids which directly combat the most harmful free radicals that often cause the most serious damage to the human body's health and immune system. In fact, boosting the immune system might be its best quality, because of all the diseases currently perpetuating around the world.

Ceylon tea, whether it is green or black or white, is such a high standard that it actually has to go through a tea examiner's board just to make sure that it is only the very best quality before it can be approved for shipping out into the worldwide market. Owing to the very elite ranking of its tea, Sri Lanka has stringent aesthetics about their tea, making sure that each and every pound is only the best Sri Lanka can produce.