Pyramid Tea Bags

Many people are aware that the use of tea bags usually restrains the movement of the tea leaves within the cup leading to the compromise in the taste of the tea. With this knowledge in mind, a large number of tea lovers are increasingly going for the loose leaf tea because of its outstanding taste. As much as the loose leaf tea is preferred due to its good taste, it is also important to note that there are disadvantages related to the preparation of the tea among some of the most outstanding being the need to strain the tea leaves after the tea is brewed as well as the problems related to the brewing such as the littering of the sink area as you clean your tea leaves after brewing your tea.

With all these in mind, some tea dealers opted to get better versions of tea bags that could ensure that all the concerns related to the loose leaf tea as well as the tea bags are sorted out in one go. This saw the introduction of the pyramid tea bags which have been designed to meet all the objectives of the tea bags as well as the loose tea leaves.

Pyramid tea bags are large enough and this is basically for the reason that the tea bags were originally very small in size and did not give the tea leaves in the tea bags enough room to swirl around and this gives the tea leaves the ability to release all its oil and other ingredients and to ensure the tea is brewed to its best quality.

Another advantage of the pyramid tea bags is the fact that they are dipped into the tea pot and the water in the teapot is able to swirl around the tea leaves without the tea leaves having to spill all over the tea pot and this simply means that the washing or cleaning of the tea pot after getting your tea brewed should be much easier since all the spent tea leaves will remain within the pyramid tea bag and you only need to pull it out and dispose it off in the right place.

Another advantage of the pyramid tea bags is in the fact that the tea leaves in the bags can be seen from the outside since it is large enough and the packaging is slightly transparent thus preventing the possibility of packing less quality tea leaves into the bags as is commonly believed to be the case with tea bags which are packed into invisible paper bags.