Reading Tea Leaves

Who said tea is just a beverage? They also predict your future; say you're past and present, etc. Well this beverage has the power of telling the forecasting the fate of its drinker believes many. Commonly known as tea leaves reading, this is called as Tasseography, this comes under divination and fortune telling. The word tasseography comes from the French word tasse which means cup and the Greek word graphy which means divination. The type of tea leaves used for the tea leaves reading is the spring pouchong tea leaves. The countries which follow tea leaf reading are Scotland, Ireland, and England. There are many craftsmen who craft tea pots and tea cups exclusively for tea reading.

The tea reading process involves the tea being poured without straining off the tea leaves and the tea being drunk or thrown off, after this the diviner looks into the cup and interprets the shapes formed according to their imagination and predicts the fortune. The shapes may be spade for good fortune or snake for enmity or house for success. While this process is followed in England and the neighboring countries, the Middle East has ground teas for the tea reading process.

It is said that a simple white tea cup is used in the tea reading process but there are three basic kinds of tea cups used in the process of tea reading, they are zodiac cups, playing card cups, symbol cups. Zodiac cups as the name suggests have a number of zodiac symbols and other celestial symbols designed or etched on them. Generally the celestial symbols are found inside the tea cup while the zodiac signs on the saucer. Playing card cups are tea cups whose insides have the designs of the deck of card etched on them. Either all the fifty two cards or the thirty two cards are etched on them. In some tea sets the cards are imprinted on the saucer. Symbol cups are sets of tea cups which are decorated with quite a lot of symbols ranging from 12 symbols to over fifty symbols designed on them including their saucers.

This practice was followed even at the homes of ancient England, if one has followed all the rules and managed to master this divination arts this can be done as a serious fortune telling service. But mostly this practice is done as a recreational activity at home or during the tea parties using the tea reading symbol dictionary.