Roobios Loose Tea

Roobios is a broom like legume which is widely used in the preparation of herbal tea. This legume is most widely cultivated in the West Cape Town in South Africa. This legume processed by curing it or most commonly known as fermentation or oxidation, this gives the legume a reddish color and also a strong flavor for it. There are also green roobios which are available without oxidation. Sometimes this legume is drunk as a tea, with out making it an ingredient in any tea, i.e. roobios tea. This kind of practice is followed in South Africa. This tea is generally drunk without milk, but with honey, lemon slices, etc. The brewing of this tea involves the same process of other teas like black tea. Step one involves the boiling of water which is warmed after boiling and the legumes are added and boiled again and served in the tea pot along with sugar or honey or lemon separately so as to let the others to mix them according to their taste.

These roobios tea are caffeine free and they come in a mahogany red color due to the curing processes. But there are green versions available which when cured has an oranges hue. The roobios loose teas do not just come in a single flavor, due to their popularity of providing activeness the merchants have come up with different flavored roobios tea like lemon, vanilla, etc. An important advantage of these roobios tea is that they are free of tannin a substance which is said to be an obstacle in the body's metabolic process. This tannin is present in the regular coffee and tea. Roobios also helps in maintaining teeth, skin and the bones. This tea also has antioxidant properties; they have a lot of minerals which help in the process of metabolism. They also have the thirst quenching property. Generally people having kidney stones are asked to avoid tea, but this tea can be consumed by those who suffer from kidney stones. This tea also relaxes the nervous system thus preferred by many when in tension.

This tea also has the property of the prevention of cancer. Brewing of this tea is said to increase the antioxidant properties. A happy factor for many is that this tea never gets bitter, many people hate tea because of its bitter property. Many ardent coffee addicts have shifted to tea after having this tea according to a testimonial.