Rooibos Herbal Tea

When we thought of tea, we thought of herbal tea, more likely we will think of herbal tea from Asia or that from Native Americans. However, the rooibos herbal tea of Africa is also gradually becoming more popular because of its amazing health benefits and its beautiful aroma. Nonetheless, it is an herbal tea made from the rooibos plant that grew in South Africa, and had been used by the native for hundreds of years. For many South Africans, the rooibos tea is their way of life. There are two main types of rooibos tea, the green and the red rooibos tea, and both of them share the amazing health benefits that the rooibos would provide.

There are a lot of great benefits that the rooibos herbal tea could contribute to our health. First and foremost, it is a tea containing no caffeine. It is in fact one of the amazing news for the tea lovers who are aware of their caffeine intake. Furthermore because it is also low in tannin, it allows the drinkers to be able to enjoy the herbal tea whole day long without having any of the unpleasant side affect that the traditional tea would give. It is also making it a perfect tea for any nursing mothers or the pregnant women not because it contains no caffeine and low in tannin, but it can also help to boost our immune system. Best yet, rooibos have been known to be a powerful antioxidant.

Anyways, though by itself, rooibos herbal tea has a great aroma; however, it could also be drunk with the mix of other flavors. Some will be drinking the rooibos with the mix of other fruit such as wild berries and mango, and some will add a twist of coconut milk and pineapple making a rooibos tropica. Depending on how you like it, you can mix rooibos with all sorts of flavors of your liking. By itself, it has a unique flavor of being sweet and nutty. The most popular consumed rooibos tea is the red rooibos tea with a color of burnt red, which will require steeping a bit longer than a black tea to get its flavor out.

Whatever reason there is, there is almost a reason for a cup of rooibos herbal tea, either it is for the incredibly flavor or the health benefits it provides. It is indeed a true way of life for many South Africans.