Rooibos Tea Bags

Rooibos is a plant that is primarily native to the lands of South Africa. It has many unique nutritious and health properties that make it a high demand product for manufacturing tea. Rooibos when used in tea has absolutely no caffeine (that is present in coffee) and half the tannin (that is present in tea), thus making it an extremely good option for children as well as the adults in the family. It is one of the easiest to make, and the most economical, as well as the best tasting health drinks available.

A great amount of research has shown that Rooibos has many anti oxidant properties, which prevent aging, as well as many anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to prevent many diseases, the most important of them being heart disease. Rooibos also relieves everyday health problems such as digestive problems, stomach upsets, nausea, constipation, etc. Rooibos also has a very calming and relaxing effect, helping with many symptoms of sleeplessness, depression and irritability. Rooibos also has many vitamins in it, which make it very important for children and pregnant mothers.

Even other nutrients and minerals such as calcium, fluoride and manganese are present in it, adding to its health benefits. Rooibos is also helpful in reducing the effects of asthma and many other respiratory problems. Rooibos also removes fat from the body, and helps to make the lungs, liver and kidneys healthier. One more important benefit of Rooibos is that it does not have caffeine. Thus, it does not cause restlessness that coffee does, thus, children are more relaxed and easier to control.

Rooibos tea most commonly comes in tea bags, and its preparation is very simple. First, water is heated up to near boiling, and then the tea bag is added to it. This is kept for a while so that the essence of the tea seeps into the water. The time for which it is left in the water is proportional to the amount of tea that seeps into the water. Depending on taste preferences, the tea can be served with milk or lemon, hot or cold. Honey or sugar can be added it in order to change its taste. Iced tea during the summer months made from Rooibos is also a very good option for tired and exhausted kids. Overall, Rooibos tea bags are a healthy alternative to all of today's carbonated drinks, and are the perfect health option for kids.