Rooibos Vanilla Tea

Rooibos tea is popularly known as red tea not just because of its color, but also because that "rooibos" in Afrikaans means "red bush" when translated to English. The tea plant it is derived from is a short shrub with leaves so thin that they could just be needles. While initially green, the leaves turn red after picking and fermentation during the process of making tea. The plant grows only in South West Africa. It was at the beginning of the twentieth century that the rooibos tea gained popularity all over the world.

The tea is a gorgeous red color. It tastes sweet, with a slight nuttiness to its flavor. One of the biggest reasons that it has become so popular is that it can be used as a substitute for black tea. It can be drunk with milk or lemon, and it has a rich, refreshing taste. Since it is an herbal brew, it has very low caffeine content, making it much healthier than regular tea. The most popular flavor of rooibos tea is vanilla.

Rooibos vanilla tea is a popular drink at Starbucks, and is a great choice from the Starbucks menu. You can customize it to be a latte, and even adjust the amount of foam on your drink. Starbucks uses Tahitian vanilla and cinnamon. The tea is then sweetened with syrup before being topped with steamed milk, and foam if you want a latte. This is available in tall, grande or venti sizes (small, medium and large respectively). However, Starbucks is not the only place you can avail of this great tea. It is available in most supermarkets, as well, under a variety of brands such as Dragonfly, Lord Nelson, and Tetley and so on.

This team has benefits that are greater than just the relaxing feeling that follows drinking a good brew. Rooibos tea is great for taking care of your skin. You can apply it directly to your skin and watch it become healthier in no time. It aids healing from eczema and other skin conditions. It is mild enough to be used on the skin of babies and little children as well. It can be used to cure colic and cramps in babies. It works well as a cure for asthma. It helps reduce headaches and tension with its relaxing, soothing effect on your nervous system. It also reduces insomnia and wakefulness, as it is free of caffeine content. It has also been found to boost the functioning of the immune system. It is high in mineral and nutritive value, making it one of the healthiest teas in the market. So try rooibos vanilla tea, the next time you want to experience a healthy, refreshing beverage.