Rose Tea Sets

Tea sets play a very important role in the western tradition; it is a set of utensils which is used to serve tea during the breakfast or afternoon. It involves different kinds of dishes made of different material. The tea sets can range from simple to highly decorative, there are also certain precious tea sets made of gold coating and other expensive materials.

Tea sets are a part of a formal lunch or dinner as well as a tea party, there are different kinds of tea sets available in the market today. Chinese porcelain tea sets are very famous for their attractive looks and the material. The silver tea set is considered to be very formal and expensive; these are the main two types of tea sets that are available.

The Chinese tea sets are known to exist for a long time; a typical standard Chinese tea set would contain almost seven items in its tea set. The Chinese tea sets are known for their art work and the material they use to make the tea cups. The unique nature of the Chinese tea sets or in other words Chinese Yixing tea set is that, the tea cups retain the heat of the tea and hence the tea does not cool easily.

Another added advantage while preferring the Chinese Yixing tea set is that, they are available in attractive designs and colors. They even look like extra ordinary art work, painting sometimes. The rose tea sets are those tea sets which contain the designs of rose in the tea sets, sometimes the design is done like an embossed art in the tea cup and some other model has the rose design painted on its cup. There are numerous colors and designs to choose from while looking for a tea set. The rose tea set is also available in different shades, these days a standard rose tea set contains about six of seven items including the tea cups, sugar cup and other utensils.

The rose tea sets made from Chinese clay are widely available and hence easy to get, the only concern is to handle them carefully. Unlike the metal tea sets, the Chinese tea sets can be fragile while handling it. Rose tea sets can also be ordered via internet, they are valuable goods for the money. A standard tea set is an essential utensil or dish ware in every house.