Sadler Tea Pots

Sadler tea pots, Staffordshire tea pots and Cast iron tea pots are just some of the many tea pots that make up the antique world. If you have decided to become a collector, there are some things you need to consider before you look for antiques to make up your collection. First is the fact that you will not find an antique being sold in a local tea pot store and if you do, they will cost a fortune. Most of these you will be found in an auction but even then some of them go for a fortune. Even if collection of antiques is not about the money, you don't want to buy one for a fortune, do you? An antique is more than 100 ears old and if the tea pot you saw does not look a day past one hundred years, it is not an antique. This is not to say that you should not collect it because it will reach the antique stage soon enough. It is not hard to identify an antique but with the world that we live in; someone can easily pass some item which is really not an antique for an antique.

For you to identify the correct vintage Sadler tea pot, you should look around for signs of antiquity. Sadler tea pots were made in the 19th century and the founder of the UK teapot making factory is a man by the name James Sadler. The teapots are made of fine bone china and they are testament to the long tradition of British tea culture. The Sadler teapot was synonymous with excellent quality in the UK and was a favorite amongst royalty. Antiques shops should be the first place to look for an antique or internet auction sites. Visit you local garage sales for antiques and you may come across a Sadler teapot. You could find yourself with an amazing collection of antiques even if not all of them are teapots if you develop a hobby of collecting them. The tea pot should be old but no worn out. It should be discolored on the inside from the years of use. It should behave the manufacture's name at the bottom which should give you the year of manufacture. You should do some research on the shape of the tea pot and whether it belongs to the time when you want depending on the overall shape of the pot.