Sencha Japanese Tea

The sencha Japanese tea is the herbal tea of Japan. The term herbal itself brings a lot of health benefit possibilities to mind. The term Sencha in Japanese actually denotes roasted tea. But it is quite in contrast to the actual process by which this Sencha tea is blended, because there is no direct roasting of the Sencha leaves on direct fire or on the pan or in the oven, but the Sencha leaves are actually put in to receive some steam from the boiling water. But that steaming process is limited to last for just 15 or forty five seconds. This unique method is used or put in to play only because the Japanese would like to avoid any subsequent oxidation of the sencha leaves.

After the steaming is over the Sencha leaves are then manually rolled by the hands and thus these sencha leaves get their typical and strange cylindrical shape. After the process of the rolling in to cylindrical shapes is done with, the sencha leaves are then placed a little while over the fire. This final step ensures the addition of a strong flavor and also a secure locking in of the potent flavors of the sencha tea.

If you are expecting to see the characteristic golden reddish hue after you brew this sencha tea, then you are surely in for a rude shock. This is for the reason that the sencha leaves when brewed to make the sencha tea; the concoction looks grassy green in color. This is because of the color of the leaves, and as mentioned earlier there is not much of oxidization or heating up of the sencha leaves or even desiccation, which prevents the leaves from changing their original color from green to black, like the other teas.

Now once you have got over your initial shock received from the color of the brewed sencha leaves, you get ready to taste it. Here comes the next shocker, because the sencha Japanese tea will never taste like any other tea, not even like any herbal tea, which usually has a grassy taste. The sencha japans tea tastes like a vegetable decoction and the sencha actually looks like a small vegetable.

So if you can deal with both the shockers, then go ahead and try a sip of this authentic sencha Japanese tea and you can always enjoy it either hot as a brew or even you may use it as an iced tea drink to deal with a hot sunny afternoon.