Silk Tea Bags

Tea bags are small pouches containing tea in it which can be directly put into the tea pots. In the past years different type of tea leaves were packed in small silk clothes to give people samples of different types of teas to taste such pouches were called silk tea bags, and so started the trend of silk tea bags, which were mostly sent to royal families.

The tea bags are usually rectangular in shape. Previously the tea bags were made by hand and sewed by hand. Silk tea bags have pores on it so that it can be directly used in a hot cup of water and brewed and can be dunk directly, and the tea leaves can be disposed of directly with the bag itself. It makes a cup of tea without compromising in the taste.

The first tea bag was made with silk cloth and it was introduced to the world on commercial basis in 1904.A cocoon once fell in a hot cup of tea and it was pulled out a thread came out which was named silk. So the first tea bag was made with silk cloth as silk was discovered because of tea. If u are addicted to tea and cannot get off your bed without a cup of tea, then silk tea bags are the best way to start your day; as they keep the tea aromas locked in them for a longer time till they are not dipped in a cup of hot water and it can keep you away from the hassle of cooking or straining the tea. Pyramid shaped tea bags are the latest in the tea world and for the tea lovers to know that they are filled with the best quality tea leaves and they are filled in a way that they can release aromas in the best and richest way. To add to it the usual tea bag material is avoided and instead of it silk cloth is used to enhance the attraction of the buyer and the experience of the person who drinks it.

If you have a tea party at your place the best way to throw a tea party is to have a transparent tea pot and get it only after everyone arrives. A teapot with silk bags floating in water and releasing its color and fragrance will attract your friends and relatives. Silk tea bag just simply means tea in its best form