Silver Needle White Tea

Tea has been enjoyed since last so many centuries. Probably the first mention of tea in history of man kind was around 5000 years ago in China. Ever since that time, tea has been always said to have imparted only health benefits to the drinker. Not only has it been proved to impart a senses of wakefulness and alertness on drinking it, but has numerous other health benefits too.

Tea has been proved to have strong anti oxidants called as polyphenols in them. These anti oxidants are actually supportive in upholding an admirable immune system and also in several cases have been proved to wrestle off even cancer cells. The anti oxidants also lend a hand in preserving the vigor and youth of the body, by putting off cell aging. When the cells become old, they not only lead to crack down of the cells, but also lead to aging of the complete body. This is the basis why white tea has been credited with enormous health benefits.

The silver needle white tea is a type of white tea, prepared from the buds of the plant. This plant is found exclusively in the Fujian province of China. The best part of the year to collect these buds, is between the second half of March and the first ten days of April. The buds should be totally healthy, unbroken and should not have any signs of discoloration or any other defect. These buds contain a higher amount of caffeine when compared to the green tea buds or leaves. But it is because of this higher caffeine content that they are associated with a higher sense of alertness on being drunk.

The silver needle white tea is an exclusive plant and quite intricate to locate. These buds should be picked when there is no sign of any rain, or the entire process is ruined. Also the silver needle white tea is quite economical, for the reason that they do not cost more than half a dollar fro each cup brewed from these silver needle white tea leaves. There are several websites offering this silver needle white tea leaves for sale, but not all of them are genuine. The quality of the buds will to a large extent determine the quality of the tea brewed from them, so ensure the quality of the buds thoroughly before buying. The perfect colors of the buds vary from yellow to white or green, but avoid brown or leafy looking ones.