Silver Plate Tea Sets

Silver plate sets, even if they are solid or just silver plated are normally valued for their craftsmanship and their beauty. These tea sets are always handed down to many generations of the family as well as displayed beautifully at home.

A tea set normally consists of a tea pot, sugar bowl, waste pot and the cream pitcher. Many of these sets also do include a strainer or even other additional accessories. You are required to have it cleaned properly and take good care of it in order to protect its finish and keep in mind that your heirloom would last for many generations.

Following are a few ways as to how to take care of your silver plate sets each time you make use of it

3) Keep in mind to always have your silver plate tea sets properly washed with a detergent that does not smell like lemon, also make sure you have it dry with a cloth that is lint free.

4) Make sure you remove any sort of light tarnish with the help of a hand sanitizer or even a cotton ball. You are required to have it rubbed lightly and then dry it out with the help of a cotton cloth

5) Make sure you apply a silver cleaner in order to remove any more tarnish that you can find. Pour out a little amount of the required cleaner into a softer cloth and try to smooth it out on to silver set surface. You are required to have it rubbed lightly until the tarnish is completely removed. Then you can polish it with a cotton cloth.

6) Make sure you remove the polish from the cervices or from the designs that are engraved with a brush. You could also make use of a toothpick in order to remove the polish from any sort of tiny cervices.

7) You could clean any type of tea stains which are left behind inside your teapot by applying a little silver cleaner on to a cellulose sponge and then having it wiped out. If the opening of the teapot is not wide enough which can fit into your hands then you could also attach your sponge on to a wooden spoon or even a dowel with the thread and have it used to apply any cleaner to the interior of the pot. You could then wipe out making use of any soft cloth