Silver Tea Coffee Sets

Most people invest in silver tea coffee sets because they have functionality and authentic values. If well maintained the silverware can be used to add a classy feel to an otherwise dull room. It is for this reason that silver tea coffee sets have become every household’s must have kitchenware.

But for you to proudly display the long lasting silver ware, you must make sure they maintain the glossy look. If the right precautions are taken, you can be assured that your silver tea coffee sets will always have that shiny and appealing look that is needed if you are looking to make an impression.

Even though you can put your silver ware in a dishwasher, this is highly discouraged. With the passage of time, the cleaning process will take a toll on your pieces and they will not look appealing to the eye. It is always advisable to clean your tea coffee sets as soon as you are done using them; this will prevent stains caused by the beverages. You can wash them using your hands or you can put them in a dishwasher.

If you are hand washing your tea coffee sets, always make sure you use a gentle detergent. After you are through with the cleaning process dry your silverware using a soft dishcloth that will not scratch your silverware. Never clean your silver sets with stainless steel kitchenware and make sure the set has cooled down before you store it.

Incase you are inclined to use the dishwasher, this should only happen after the first couple of washes. Rinse off the beverage first before washing the silverware. Separate the silverware from the stainless steel. Use mild detergent that does not have any lemon scent or chloride. Always use less detergent than you would normally use. After cleaning the set, make sure you take it out of the dishwasher and dry it using a soft piece of cloth.

From time to time, make sure you take the initiative to polish your silver sets. The frequency of polishing your pieces will be determined by how frequent you use them and how you store them. If you use your set more often or if you store them in a tarnish prone area then you will have to do it regularly.

When polishing the silver sets use flannel material. Never use ordinary metal cleaners, instead, invest in paste cleaners that do not have abrasives. Always use lengthwise strokes and refrain from overdoing it. Otherwise, enjoy the use of your silverware; they always look better with the passage of time.