Slimming Green Tea

Green tea has been in the news lately for its slimming and fat dissolving properties. The slimming green tea has been extensively used by many of the slimming medicinal products too. Most of the slimming capsules or fat burning supplements you can se in the market, invariably contain the slimming green tea in it, in varying proportions.

The most popular slimming green tea in Asia seems to be the Pu Erh tea. This slimming green tea is not only highly popular but also highly suggested by people who use it too. That probably adds to its popularity. The origins of this slimming green tea have been believed to be from the Tang Dynasty of China. Now the Tang Dynasty is in Yunnan. The earlier and the initial days of the history of this slimming green tea is said to have originated from Yunnan and from there this tea was packed on its onward journey to Tibet. That being the olden days, the journey was on horse back and took considerable amounts of time. But the time taken in the journey, never did for once affect the quality of the slimming green tea packed on horse back. That was for the reason that the tea used to get warmed up by the impact of the body warmth of the horse carrying it.

Added to this warmth, the climate in Tibet was quite diverse when compared to that in Yunnan. The added warmth of the Tibetan sun helped in the fermentation of the tea leaves packed on the body of the horse. So what the people in Tibet finally received was a fully fermented pack of green tea, quite different in taste and quality than what it was when initially sent from Yunnan. The slimming green tea gets better with time and more it gets stored, more value gets added to it over time.

The people in Tibet are used to eating lot of meat in their daily diet. The meat is a strong contender for the cholesterol excess in the blood stream and also can lead to lots of fat being stored in the body. The people of Tibet drink lots of slimming green tea in order to negate the harmful effects of the meat consumed. Thus the slimming green tea keeps them in good health in spite of consuming unhealthy amounts of meat on a regular basis, which would be quite dangerous under normal conditions.