Spice Chai Tea

Tea is one of the most widely preferred drink since ancient times, its flavor, refreshing aroma and other medicinal values has made it a very popular drink. Even though tea has its roots in the Chinese history and most of the occidental countries, it's popular in all the countries today. And hence every country has come up with a new flavor of tea that suits their taste. The result is that today we have many varieties of tea, and one such famous flavor is the spice chai tea.

In other words it is also known as masala chai, this flavor was first introduced to the world by Indians. This tea includes a mixture of brewing tea and a mixture of Indian spices. This mixture is the reason for the aromatic flavor of the spice chai tea or in other words the masala tea. Chai is an Indian word in the language of Hindi and Punjabi which refers to tea, and the word masala describes the different spices that are mixed with the tea to give the essence and flavor.

This spice chai tea as it is known among the people of the western world includes different kinds of spices and they can also be altered. Some of the common ingredients that are included in the spice chai or the masala tea are cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and other items. Mostly the spice chai tea is made from the black tea dust which is common. However there is another variety of spice chai tea which is available rarely, this spice chai is made from green tea and the spices added to it are different from the conventional ones. This kind of masala chai has ingredients such as almonds, saffron and cloves. This is milder when compared to the original masala chai.

The original flavor and taste of the spice chai tea has been altered today in many countries according to their likeness. This spice chai is also available in tea bags; this makes it easier to prepare spice chai. The normal method of preparing the masala chai involves adding milk and sugar to the boiled tea dust and to which the special ingredients and masala should be added in the correct ratio. The spice chai is also served cold in some places; it has gained its popularity due to its unique flavor. There are modifications made as to the spices that are involved in the spice chai tea even this day.