Stainless Steel Tea Pot

Stainless steel tea pots come in a large variety of shapes and sizes that suit your budget and taste the most. Stainless steel is the most preferred materiel or metal as it is wear free, heat resistant, light and stylish.

Stainless steel is the healthiest metal to boil liquids in. Stainless steel is heat resistant, acid resistant, corrosion resistant etc, all the aspects that should be given due importance while dealing with the cooking, storing and boiling solids and liquids.

Stainless tea pots come with insulated handles and a fashionable spout to pour the tea, along with an extra inbuilt filter that you can avail of on demand. The cost of such types of tea pots may be slightly on the more expensive side. This is because the inbuilt filter is not only easier to clean, but also because the use of the tea pot becomes more convenient and the quality of tea increases.

Stainless steel tea pots also help retain the heat of the tea for a longer time that ordinary tea pots as there are more layers of insulation inside. Stainless Steel comes with assured quality and style. A stainless steel tea pot can be made into umpteen designs and shapes that suits your wallet and the type of design that you like.

The main advantages or features are:

*Light weight and easy to handle-stainless steel is a light weight metal which even though contains many layers within the tea pot, remains light weight.

*Heat resistant-the steel can be subjected to very high temperatures both inside as well as outside the vessel thus making it highly heat resistant.

*High retention of heat inside-the many layers of metal inside the tea pot retains the heat for a very long period of time.

*Wear free-stainless steel will never lose its lustrous look and glamour that it had when you purchased it. It is wear free. There is no limit to the number of times the steel can be used.

*Corrosion free-Stainless steel never corrodes or rusts. It is maintenance free and easy to use.

*Acid resistant-stainless steel does not undergo any chemical change when subject to acidic and alkali environment.

*Insulated handle-insulation provides a cushion for the user. The material can vary from ebony to various other materials.

*cost effective and value for money-stainless steel is a onetime investment and thus gives great value for money.