Stash Earl Grey Tea

Over the years, there has been a rise in the popularity of stash earl grey tea. If you are a person who is particular about tea then this is the tea of choice. Earl grey tea has a unique taste and a tangy scent that is brought about by the extracts of a particular citrus fruit. In the past 'Earl Grey' was only used for the black tea; since then, every tea with the bergamot taste has adopted the name.

This tea is named after Earl Grey the 2nd, a British official in the 1800s. It is usually said that he was presented with a gift of the flavored tea by a Chinese influential. This was after the Earl's men had rescued the man's son from drowning. This story has never been certified since the Earl has never been known to travel to China.

Jacksons (Piccadilly) have always claimed to be the original inventors of this special brand of tea. They claim that they created of the formula but Earl Grey handed it over to R. Jackson and G. Charlton in the year the tea was introduced into the English market. Jacksons produce their bergamot flavored tea in China since its invention.

With the passing of time, we have witnessed the invention of various products with almost similar names. Twinings have created a tea with a twist to it. In addition to the bergamot flavor, they have incorporated a combination of lemons and Seville oranges to create a unique taste. They also brand their products with the sixth's Earl Grey's official stamp.

Other tea stores add a hint of roses into it and label it as the French's version of Earl Grey's tea. London fog on the other hand is Earl Grey with some milk that has been steamed and a touch of vanilla syrup.

Other companies have found the use of Earl Grey Tea very beneficial in spicing up the flavors of various types of confectionaries. It has been skillfully used to created exquisite tastes in chocolates and sauces.

The origin of the bergamot flavored tea may be a lifelong mystery but one thing is for certain; this was an invention that took the tea industry by storm. It has stood the test of time. The use of this special flavor on other recipes is just proof of how successful that invention was way back in 1830. Earl Grey tea has proven to be a force to reckon with.