Stash Green Tea

Unlike coffee and black tea stash green tea is not addictive. The fragrance of this tea is so subtle that you may want to double the quality of tea to get its aroma. This cheap and economical tea is ideal for using late in the nights or on days when you have consumed your quota of tea and still yearn for that extra cup to rejuvenate after a hectic day. Using Stash green tea on such occasions is perfect.

Do not expect too much for its price as you will get what you have paid for. Though makers claim that one packet makes 45 cups, it does not exceed 25. So you see stash is not meant for those who prefer strong tea, but for those who just want a dash of flavor without deep notes. It does not leave any bitter after taste and tastes fine. Brewing it is simple and you can customize its steeping as per your requirements. You could either have it hot or in the form of iced tea.

Stash green tea is completely natural, be it flavor, color or preservatives no artificial ingredients are used in it. It contains no synthetic stuff. The makers claim to use superior quality Datzhang teas gardens leaves from China. This makes the tea premium and packed with healthy benefits.

Furthermore, being organic it can be consumed without the fear of fertilizers and pesticides entering into the body. It no doubt refreshes you and provides with the energy need to start the day. Since it is a pure green tea, its antioxidants help reduce weight and improve your overall health. While the tea itself provides a refreshing taste the fun lies in exploring its different flavors. Besides green tea, it is also available in chamomile, orange peel, hibiscus, raspberry and pomegranate and jasmine flavors. All these flavors stand apart due to its own unique features. You will definitely come across something amazing to entice your palette daily.

You could even order the tea through their website. This will also give you the opportunity to explore their other outstanding flavors. The company is among the caring and truly gifted companies in the market today. Their outstanding ingredients when combined with expert hands deliver a great experience. It is these features that make it worthy of a well-deserved five on five. It is not easy to find a tea that is as perfect as this one.