Stash Herbal Tea

Stash was founded in the year 1972 in Portland, in Tigard, Oregon a small suburb. The company obtains its name from a tea tale. It is said that, tea was a very precious item and was given only to the captain of the ship. And the captain of the ship used to take out his ''stash'' from his private reserve. And thus the name Stash has its head quarters at Tigard and is a highly reputed organization.

They mainly deal with the supply of tea in bulk, as well as the sale of herbs n bulk quantities to grocery shops, food stalls, restaurants through direct delivery as well as by mail- order. Even though they started really small, as of today, they are one of the largest specialty tea companies in the U.S. They can also be found in other countries such as Canada etc.

The main selling point that makes stash one of the top most companies is that the green tea that they manufacture are caffeine free, and thus there is no ill will about the company.

Herbal tea is not exactly tea. They do not contain any caffeine like other teas, and they are highly recommended as they possess many medicinal qualities. They are good for indigestion and stimulate gastric juices and thus better the metabolism. They are also consumed for the purpose of relaxation

Herbal teas come in many varieties of flavors such as:

*Peppermint- known for its cooling property makes the peppermint tea very demanding, helps greatly in the digestive process.

*Rose flavored herbal tea-the sweet fragrance of rose petals make tea drinking experience out of this world.

*Citrus herbal tea-citrus flavored teas are of great demand in today's market. Citrus flavors include orange flavor, lemon flavor etc.

*Cherry flavored

*Hibiscus and tulsi flavored herbal teas are also very flavor especially because of the medicinal value they possess.

Stash has brought out their latest offer which includes the Super Saver pack which is called the Stash Premium Herbal Tea Sampler. They are a pack of 9 flavors of tea and tea bags. And the best part is that they are available at just $15.32

Stash herbal teas use only natural ingredients and also provide Stash Black Tea, Stash Premium Chai Tea, Stash Premium licorice, all which is caffeine free. These are the defining characteristics that make Stash one of the world's most specialty tea company.