Stash Tea Company

Stash Tea Company is a private tea company which has their headquarters in Tigard, Oregan. Originally Stash tea operated from an old Victorian styled house, wherein they supplied herbal teas as well as herbs to the food stores. In 1972 this company widened its vision and started with bagged teas and then started to sell a complete style of traditional, herbal teas to the restaurants and also to customers through mail orders.

Today Stash Tea Company is having a very steady growth and is one amongst the largest tea companies in the US, having products that are easily available across the world in food service, club stores, coffee shops, mass merchandisers, mail orders as well as internet. The mail order directory has over 200 teas.

Stash Tea Company to date has the largest segment of premium teas. The name "Stash" is derived from tea legends during those days when tea was considered as a valuable commodity which was transported by sailboat. The captain of the ship was always gifted with one of finest teas for his own use. This supply was then called as his "stash" stowed watchfully as the captain's private reserve. Today the term "Stash" is still used as it denotes things that are put away watchfully for its preciousness.

For almost 40 years this tea company has offered a broad range of exciting teas and exclusive tea gifts. They have the widest choice for tea on the web of a single brand. Stash tea experts make sure that right from the sourcing, blending and packing of all their teas is done personally. All of the exciting teas are 100% natural in terms of their flavor and color.

Hundreds of our loose teas are being put across by stash tea experts, who travel across the world frequently looking for the finest teas and original and thrilling selections. There is ongoing research done to explore the possible health benefits by drinking tea every day. Researchers found that all of the teas maybe black, green, white or oolong tea might aid in attaining a very healthy life.

Stash tea has received an award in 2009 for the nutrition health magazine which is basically published for men. Also it received two awards in 2008 for the same.

Today this private company Stash Tea which is headquartered in Oregon has amongst its collection all the amazing Traditional teas found in the world and also majority of exciting flavor combinations, surprising and unusual teas, and organic teas.