St Dalfour Organic Tea

This company is an expert when it comes to organic green and black tea. They are a very health friendly organization. They have separate producing areas for tea production, which are grown with utmost care. They have perfect tea gardens after extreme care has been taken in choosing them. Their gardens are completely chemical and preservative free which is great news to health conscious people!

There is also a reason why they have their gardens chemical free. Tea is prepared straight from tea leaves; hence when we made tea from tea leaves that are not given utmost care, all those chemicals gets imparted in the tea that we drink. So we do not benefit from the health aspects of tea instead end up having a cup full of chemicals!

St Dalfour organic teas are of green and black types as I have mentioned already. These green and black teas too come in various flavors!

Black tea comes in black cherry, vanilla, lemon, golden peach, pure darjeeling, classic breakfast, pure Ceylon, strawberry and peppermint.

Green tea comes in cinnamon apple, spring mint, mandarin orange, golden mango, honey and ginger and strawberry.

The sachets are hermetically sealed to care for the freshness of tea. The company stands for nutrition and health which should be well appreciated.

This delicious organic tea pack is high in quality and contains real fruit in it. It also has the properties of Herbal Medicine, Alternative Medicine, and Nutritional Supplements.

The tea leaves used for making tea here are selected and blended by experts. It is one ideal beverage for breakfast time and evening tea time. Children will also love this and it is very nutritional for the children too.

Established in 1989, in Australia, the management boasts about their value for health and nutrition. It is Australia's no.1 selling product when it comes to tea and tea exports. The company uses different methodologies to keep food fresh and fragrant. The optimal food processing is one such kind. Food is packed under a string vacuum and pasteurization is done at much lower temperatures than the usual. This helps to retain the original flavor and texture of all the ingredients used in their products.

They are spread across 125 countries and organic tea is one of their most famous products. Organic tea is their well praised and most popular product. Available in the entire top rated retail store, the tea packets are buyable at reasonable rates!