Super Slimming Tea

With so weight being the enemy of many young ladies and even young men, and the heart disease as the first killer of all time, there are many products being introduced to help losing weight, and one of such is the super slimming tea that could help to lose weight. In fact, the slimming tea has been considered as the perfect option of tea by many dieters to help maintain their diet or lose weight. Many of the slimming teas are completely natural and made out of herbal with some nice and soothing taste. They are also great just for tasting.

The main reason that the super slimming tea is known for helping to lose weight and helping to maintain our diet is for its extremely low to none calorie that it contain. In fact, the highest calorie you could get per serving from the slimming tea is about 4 calorie. Furthermore, they contain some of the ingredients that could help to enhance the functions in our body to help burning more of the unwanted calories. It also containing some of the herbs that could help to get rid of the toxins and the excessive waste from our body without any of the unwanted side affect such as stomach cramping or nervousness like many other weights lose products.

However, there are also some of the negative sides of the super slimming tea. If many of the slimming tea is being misused, it will cause vomiting and diarrhea that will last up to several days. In fact, with over dependent of the slimming tea containing the laxative, which is also the main ingredient of many of the slimming teas, the user might develop abnormal pain in the abdominal and even constipation. In fact for serious cases, the user might also have some serious electrolyte disorders, which is lack of salts in the body, fainting, and even dehydration.

However, regardless of the over used side effects, the super slimming tea are in fact a great product to help with our daily diet and maintaining our weight or even lose weight. Furthermore, many of the slimming tea will work well with other nutrients or vitamins supplements, which could allow you to keep having your supplements and still enjoy this amazing nice tasting slimming tea. In fact, these slimming teas also come with many different flavors that will enhance the experiences of drinking the slimming tea.

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Runa said:

...It doesn't taste "amazing" or "nice" >.> it tastes quite horrible...doesn't taste like tea either...hmmm it's more like "medicine"...a cup of medicine :[ It does kind of help lose weight...but a terrible stomache comes first(diarrhea). ^^''

Hally said:

I love it, it cleans your system real good. You can add another kind of tea with it which can add flavor to it.

diana said:

it really works it help me loose 50 pounds. i really recommend it try it! although it does have side effects such as lower abdominal cramping...? but it goes away...

shelb said:

I really like it! Its helped me drop about twenty pounds in about two months! Awesome stuff!

Monique said:

LOVE IT!!I've lost 10 lbs so far, my whole family is on it and growing.

jan said:

dont believe any of the above

sumayyaasif said:

Love it!

sherry said:

i agree with Jan. No real weight loss seen, so do not believe what the others are saying.

ashley said:

i've been taking it for three days now. all i got is pains in my stomach, and the runs at the end of the day. but im gonna keep trying it to see if it goes away.

shelb said:

i posted above after this tea helped me and now i have my roommate eating right and drinking this tea before she goes to bed and shes already lost ten pounds... fact. this stuff does work. believe it all you debbie downers. just watch what you eat as well.

Sylvia said:

If you exercise and eat healthy and drink the tea it qwill help with weight loss.

Be Careful said:

You can't help but lose weight when you have major runs and are vomiting - which is exactly what happened to me last night.

Tea Lover! said:

Stuff really cleans you out, gives you the runs if you let it steep too long! Helped me loose 13 pounds but it wasn't all thanks to the tea thats for sure. cant believe it made you throw up!!!

mandeep said:

hey, i m drinking this tea from last 3 months,it doesnot work on me still have same wight...56 kg

mandeep said:

its good if u r constipated though,coz it clean ur sysytem.. it doesnot help to loose wight,,,but help to loose water from body(diarrhea) and make u feel as if u really loosing weight.

Kayla Nichols said:

I've been drinking this tea for about 4 months, give or take a few weeks. First off anyone who is trying a diet tea should ALWAYS read the ingredients and warning labels. If you are having problems with vomiting and diarrhea then you should have been prepared by reading the label, or avoiding it all together by brewing it properly. Secondly, no magic tea or any kind of magic supplement will ever help you loose weight healthfully. That being said you should again read the labels, it's a dieting AID. It helps aid in digestion which, along with healthy eating habits and proper exercise, is a huge part of loosing weight. MY experience is that yes I have lost weight, and no it's not because of this tea. I've lost weight through hard work and doing it properly and changing my life style. However, I find this tea to be a wonderful after dinner companion. Make no mistake, it will get your bowels moving. Buy that is a good thing after a hefty dinner, before bed. This blend has Senna and Licorice root which are both very natural very effective low forms of laxatives. But when you drink this tea after your heaviest meal (usually dinner) it helps prevent your body from absorbing some of the calories by getting your digestive track moving quicker. I don't mind the taste, after the first few times I easily had gotten used to it, and I don't drink it every day. Sometimes a few days in a row, sometimes every other day, and sometimes I take a break for a week. I would definitely recommend this tea to someone who's goal isn't to easily loose weight by doing nothing but drinking a cup of tea and not changing their lifestyle. If that's what you're looking for then your sh** out of luck because you won't find that ANYWHERE. To everyone else who wants to add to their fitness and health route, this is a healthy, safe, natural after dinner friend :)

Shelly said:

This tea really does work - if what you want is to have mad runs. I agree with Kayla. However, it tastes like crap. And be near toilet about 10 hours after drinking it.

Laura said:

I agree somewhat with Shelly that the runs can happen. However, if you brew the tea for less than a minute(no joke)and only drink it on occassion...along with your healthy eating and execise routine you will have results. If you abuse the tea (as I did) by having it every night for two weeks in a row (light as I may have brewed it) you will have major problems having a bowel movement naturally (meaning w/o it):( I am looking for ways to recover but haven't found any yet,

Just me said:

I have had this box forever. I usually drink when I detox so I never noticed anything because I was always putting myself through a massive change anyway. Last nigh I drank just because I have felt bloated and thought I need to hear up for detox. This time my stomache was purged completely. 24 hours later and I am still cramping. I'm tempted to have one more cup just to get everything out once and for all. After reading this I am wondering if I just steeped it too long last night.

TreAsia said:

It tells you on the box to brew 1 bag in 2 cups and that's what I've been doing, It's made my bowels move plenty but I've not threw up at all. I have been using it for 3 weeks, 6 days a week and i exercise 6 days a week, 1 hour a day.. I also eat 3 meals a day and 3 snacks. I take it as well as OxyElitePro and a protein shake in the morning. I've lost 17 lbs already and im 19 years old.. It works but you have to work with it too!