Tazo Awake Tea

For years, Tazo has provided fantastic and delectable combinations of teas for everybody. From the boldest flavours to the most heavenly aromas, Tazo captures the elegant experience of drinking tea. If you are someone who needs an alternative to other forms of morning drinks, Tazo concocted the best tea from the finest ingredients just for you.

If you want to try something different other than coffee or juice then I suggest you experience the wonderful benefits of Tazo Awake tea. This is a bold breakfast black tea. It has an incredible depth of character and invigorates you when you drink it every time. This is the only perfect thing for those who want a boost to start their morning routines. IT also is a great eye opener as it awakens the senses for you to have a better start of the day.


This fantastic tea is a combination of various delectable treats. Black tea is a very invigorating kind of tea that has a very powerful character. With the addition of hints of caramel, malt and blackberries, you can experience a very enlivening experience in just one sip of this extraordinary breakfast tea or whenever you need that feeling of invigoration. This Tea is also perfect with milk.


If you like that sweet yet dark aroma of burnt caramel and brown sugar, then this is the perfect tea for you, the hints of caramel boosts your senses really gives you that good fuzzy feeling. There is a deep note to it that really makes Awake tea such a desirable tea for the morning.


Tazo Awake tea has a malty, dense and full flavour to it. The dark cherries give it a very distinct flavour. You are assured that you will get that warm and joyous feeling when you taste Awake tea. That distinct combination melts away all your drowsiness and gives you the jolt of energy and vitality you need for the day.

For the morning person, a cup of Tazo Awake tea is the perfect combination of high quality ingredients that makes your breakfast experience much more appetizing, richer and very invigorating. After that long relaxing rest, this tea will surely provide that needed boost for you to start the day. And if you need that surging feeling any time of the day, do not hesitate to grab a mug and have a Tazo experience.