Tazo Black Iced Tea

Flavored iced tea is something which is like a craze all over. These are the black teas that are blended with fruit infusions, drank cold in cans or tall glasses.

Crispy and refreshing iced tea is a mixture of cautiously selected teas from India, Sri Lanka, Java and Sumatra with a tinge of citrus essence. In the last few years the ice tea market has just expanded from $200 million to $2 billion in yearly sales. Most people prefer to drink their tea iced or cold, sweet and enriched with various flavors.

Throughout the history, Tazo has proven to be among the sophisticated cultures as a soothing breather for the daily routine life. Made from the extraordinary teas and then blended creatively, Tazo Iced Tea is cold and refreshing compared to the traditional teas. Tazo black iced tea is a blend of black teas as well as natural flavors.

Tazo was produced for just one purpose that is to reinvent tea and the entire tea experience. With the usage of higher quality ingredients and a fabulous amount of knowledge and creativity, Tazo has made unique products which create an affecting connection with the customer at all the levels. Tazo always continues to depict consumers to the traditional teas, but portrays this in such a way that is intriguing, bold and interesting.

Unlike the other tea producing companies, Tazo buys teas in their unique container as filled in the garden to make sure that the tea inside the bag remains fresh and isn't shown to heat and dampness in the blending facility at any of the tea shipping joint.

The process for blending taken place in Tazo is a very slight art that depends on a one-sided measurement of aroma, color and taste. Tazo continuously tastes and finds which teas will mix well in which blend and what percentage so that the flavor profiles remain constant and of the highest grade possible.

Observers have found that the benefits linked with iced tea are attracting many consumers towards this beverage and taking them away from the cold soda drinks and even the sugar-rich juices. Tea is also considered as an amazing source for building the immune system.

As consumers are getting more and more health conscious, flavored iced tea is projected to grow rapidly in the future. It possible to forecast a future wherein this flavored iced tea may ultimately outshine soda drinks in their popularity.