Tazo Chai Black Tea

The health values of tea are commonly known and several people prefer tea to coffee due to the health benefits that tea provides, not to mention their personal tastes. In addition, tea consists of much lower caffeine content than coffee, so this is also a reason that some people pick tea as their daily drink.

Tazo chai black tea is a tasty combination that consists of black tea mixed with several varieties of spices. The spices used vary from cardamom and black pepper, but other spices like cinnamon and cloves are used. The tea drinker who likes his tea a little on the different side can also pick flavors like star anise and ginger root. A normal cup of Tazo chai black tea, say about eight ounces, contains around 47 mg or less of caffeine.

Tazo offers a great variety of different teas, and are most popular since they have collaborated with coffee house Starbucks to expand their customer base. When it comes to caffeine content, Tazo teas contain only as much caffeine as any other tea. This content usually varies based on growing conditions and harvesting conditions.

As per the USDA nutrition controls, which Tazo follows, they put the amount 47 mg of caffeine on their products. This is for eight ounces of brewed tea. Tazo has recommended some ideas for people who wish to reduce the amount of caffeine in their Tazo chai black tea: Add boiling water to the tea, let it be infused for around forty five seconds, then drain the water and brew the tea again.

Tazo chai black tea also comes in a decaffeinated version for those who prefer their tea on the lighter side, or are health freaks. Tazo chai black tea is not only meant to be had as a hot beverage, but can also be used to prepare iced tea, for those who prefer a cool drink, as opposed to a hot one. During the summer, Tazo chai black tea can be enjoyed as ice tea, to refresh and invigorate you while maintaining the taste of tea. You can prepare your own Tazo chai black tea, without having to go out of your house. Just look up some recipes on the internet that will help you make hot tea as well as iced tea, and introduce your friends to the tasty and refreshing Tazo chai black tea.