Tazo Chai Tea

Tea has become increasingly popular over the years as the news of its value continues to reach a larger number of interested people. Chai is the traditional name for tea in most of the eastern countries where the drink first originated before getting its way into Europe and the United States through the earlier traders who specialized in selling of spices to the west.

Once the tae hit the western market, it was introduced to many other brewing systems that were already in practice in the western countries. Tazo chai tea has already become one of the popular delicacies in many coffee houses in the western countries. It is only unique in the method of preparation as it can be brewed in different ways. The traditional method of making tea from the eastern countries where the beverage first originated such as India was to brew the tea black with a variety of spices as desired by the person brewing, the tea was however diluted by either adding milk or sugar to give it a better taste.

The number of spices that were used to make the Tazo chai tea is as follows, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, and ginger. The traditional tea of whichever brand whether black, red or green are served hot and sweet to bring out the true flavors of the spices that are usually used to brew the tea. Tazo is the modern flavor of tea and is made in various versions including iced as well as juiced flavors which can be served both cold or hot. It is important to note that the Tazo tea is served with special additions such as hot frothy milk and even chocolate. It has become a very commonly requested delicacy from most coffee and tea outlets especially in the west.

Several methods have been created to come up with different flavors of Tazo chai tea and some of the common recipes are the chai latte which features the same spiced tea although the preparation is slightly different with the special inclusion of the espresso hot made frothing milk. This gives the tea a special taste that cannot be overlooked. To get the best taste or flavor from your chai latte, ensure you give your tea the attention it deserves while brewing. This can be done by giving the chai enough time to boil without adding any milk first. After the tea is well brewed, get the steamed milk straight from the espresso as hot as can be and add it to the fully hot boiled tea. The taste of such a mixture will no doubt be captivating. You can add sugar to improve the taste of the beverage.