Tazo Earl Grey Tea

The name Tazo means 'fresh' in Hindi, 'river of life' in Romany. Tazo stands for supreme quality, purity and value for money. Tazo Earl Grey Tea is a beautiful product which completely alters the experience of drinking tea.

Earl Grey tea is basically an essence of bergamot which is added to the traditional black tea. Earl Grey tea is made from the essence of the orange fruit and is used as a flavoring ingredient in the preparation of a many types and kinds of dishes. It is used as a flavoring essence in the preparation of many cakes and confectionary. For example, Earl Grey Tea is used as a flavoring ingredient in chocolates, chocolate cakes and even savory sauces, to name a few.

Tazo is one of the worlds most sought after companies, who obtain their tea from Sri Lanka and India. The bergamot they use is obtained from southern Italy. Tazo Earl Grey Tea is an out of this world experience. It is the perfect tongue tingling taste that can lighten up your day and turn your mood right around.

The tea leaves which are used are very hygienically picked are immediately packed and stored in a dry and lea environment so as to protect the tea leaves from drying up as well as to protect them from too much exposure to moisture. This ensures that the quality of the leaves is not lost.

Tazo always finds out more innovative and creative ways of bettering their earl grey tea so that it suits your taste the best. Tazo Earl Grey Tea is also available in other flavors such as lemon, lavender etc.

Tazo Earl Grey Tea is available in 24 tea bags that you can avail of at $4.51 and also sets of 48 pieces as well as other quantities and offers. Tazo also offers other varieties such as Decaf House Blend, Chai Filter bags, Calm filter bags etc.

Earl Grey Tea is considered to have some serious drawbacks or side effects hen consumed in large o highly concentrated forms. It is said that some brands of the bergamot oil, when directly applied on the skin is bound to become reddish when exposed to the sunlight(the ultra violet rays).Bergamottin is the source from which bergamot is obtained, and is believed to be the cause of the grape fruit juice effect. That is, it affects the metabolic rate of a variety of pharmaceutical drugs.