Tazo Ginger Tea

Tazo a popular name in the market today is renowned for its brands of tea. Available on the shelves of Starbucks and many grocery stores this brand of specialty tea garners trust, quality and flavor. Instituted in 1994, Tazo was founded by Steve Smith, a tea expert with a rich experience in this field of business for over thirty years. Steve had a dream to bring a new meaning or a new life to his tea business. The word

Tazo in Romany gypsy language signifies 'river of life' and ancient Greeks used it as a toast of life. In Hindi Tazo stands for 'fresh' and in Babylonian history Tazo was an elixir with magical qualities.

With more than eighty varieties of blends produced till date, Tazo supplies its four categories namely black tea, green tea, oolong tea and white tea to the market. A special brand of decaffeinated tea produced by Tazo can be found in the market too. Tazo buys its teas in original containers from the tea gardens to retain the freshness and prevent sunlight and moisture from getting into the tea. It then processes the blends in a delicate way ensuring that the highest quality standards are maintained and keeping a specific check on the flavor, aroma and color.

Tazo is a name to reckon with in the tea market. It offers its consumers an emotional connects through its unique blends of tea. While retaining the traditions of tea, it offers its tea drinkers an interesting experience through the use of creativity in creating high quality intriguing blends.

One such innovative blend offered by Tazo is its ginger tea which originates from chinese steam-fired or pan-fired green tea with a dash of spicy and sweet ginger. This green tea contains natural flavors along with lemongrass and ginger root.

A cup of Tazo's green ginger tea rejuvenates you with its dash of ginger spice. It's the best way to start a long day or end a tiring day. To keep one going the earthy flavor of ginger invigorates and peps one with a refreshing energy good enough to last for the entire day. It makes a soothing drink for those tired feet at the end of an exhausting day. The medicinal and therapeutic qualities of ginger blended in Tazo's green tea make it a hit product offered at the world class Starbucks stores.

So what are you waiting for, breathe a fresh wave of life in yourself again, by grabbing your hot cup of Tazo ginger tea!