Tazo Herbal Tea

Tazo tea is one of the highly popular tea brands that exist in the market today. Tazo was introduced by Steve Smith, an expert with around thirty years plus of experience behind him in the business of specialty tea. He brought it into the market in 1994 with a desire to breathe fresh life into the already established tea division. The word 'Tazo' from the Romany language is in fact translated as ''river of life'' and ancient Greeks used it as a toast to life. This tea is today a product of Starbucks and is available in most fine food stores, apart from being sold exclusively at Starbucks.

Tazo has prided itself, always, on surviving as the best tea maker that there is around and about. The excellence and quality of their products has always been at the centre of their vision. This exceptional brand of teas currently has around forty blends of tea in the markets, and each can be put under either the green, oolong, black or white categories of tea. Today, to add to their variety they also market a line of teas that are decaffeinated. What is brilliant about this brand is that they use only the best of ingredients in the making of their products. This is exactly what sets them apart from all the other everyday teas - their teas are mixed with herbal ingredients such as star anise, chamomile, cardamom, cinnamon, hibiscus and vanilla.

The famous of the lot of Tazo Herbal teas are the Tazo African Red bush tea, the Tazo passion, the Tazo wild sweet orange tea, the Tazo sweet cinnamon spice tea, the Tazo refresh loose leaf tea and the Tazo Calm loose leaf tea. While the Tazo African Red bush tea is an intricate blend of South Africa's legendary red bush tea and a tantalizing hint of lemon, hibiscus flowers, and sweet spices, the Tazo passion is refreshing deep red tea that is made from exotic herbs hibiscus flowers & some natural tropical flavors. The Tazo wild sweet orange tea is variety of caffeine free tea that is a fresh blend of herbal tea and sweet citrus flavors, and the Tazo Sweet Cinnamon Spice Tea is another caffeine free variety, which are a savory tea swirling containing star anise cinnamon and other exotic flavors. The two loose-leaf tea varieties - Tazo refresh and Tazo calm are a revitalizing blend of some fragrant herbs and mountain grown mint, and gentle blend of rose petals, chamomile blossoms and other soothing herbs, respectively.

Tazo Herbal teas, apart from utilizing ingredients that are out of the world, also combine a distinctive approach for marketing their products. Instead of using conventional branding and a customary product logo, they use a style of the new age. Each bag of Tazo herbal tea is said to be specially blessed by a practiced tea shaman. This novel approach has allowed Tazo teas to gain much appreciation in the market, which is brimming with other giant corporations. Why not? After all, they are not all looks. They are unrivalled in quality and the flavor of their teas is nothing less than outstanding!