Tazo Iced Tea

Ice tea was introduces a few years back and since then it has become very popular amongst all tea lovers. Although there are many who yet prefer having their tea piping hot, but they yet don't hesitate to try the very popular ice tea. Tazo ice tea is very refreshing and can be made very easily at the same time. Tazo has many flavors for tea; hence there is wide variety of flavors for making your favorite ice tea.

Let's learn different ways of making refreshing Tazo Ice Tea

As it's mentioned earlier in the article Tazo Ice Tea is very easy to make and needs very little effort. You can make ice tea in any quantity depending on your requirement. It can also be made in different forms, which totally depends on the time and effort you can put in. Ice tea could be made with powder mix and also by brewing it first with tea bags and afterwards ice it, lastly chill it. However anyway you prefer to make ice tea, you can always try being creative and innovative by mixing 2 flavors to make unique flavor of your own.

Some delicious and exciting Tazo Ice Tea combinations

You could either both the teas together into your teapot and then chill it or if ones using Tazo loose tea can mix both tea leaves together and after brewing chill the tea well. You could experiment with the proportions or could even use equal proportions of each. In few cases, you could find ice tea powdered flavor mix and could combine it with fresh fruit juice. Only thing that should be kept in mind while mixing fruit juice to ice tea let the tea cool first and only then add the fruit juice.

Some combos you could try

* Peach/Ginger

Green Ginger Tazo tea with peach teabag, you could even mix 2 full teaspoons peach nectar with cooled tea. This is a combination which is mostly like by all, hence is very popularly made by many and enjoyed too.

* Pomegranate/Lemon

Chill Lemon Mate Tazo Tea and then mix 2 full teaspoons pomegranate juice, this makes an excellent combination and ice tea too.

* Citrus mix

Another exciting and tasty combination is lemon mate Tazo tea with wild sweet orange which is again a Tazo flavor. Just try this combination out you will love it and always want to have just Tazo ice tea and nothing else.