Tazo Loose Leaf Tea

Tazo Tea has a wide-ranging and striking variety of teas. Tazo teas are also available in the form of tea bags as well loose leaf. Loose leaf teas are nothing but whole leaves that are used to brew that special cup of tea. Some of the loose leaf teas vividly made by Tazo teas are mentioned...

Tazo awake loose leaf: This one is a blend from black teas found in countries like Kenya, India and Sri Lanka.

Tazo Awake loose leaf tea can be enjoyed anytime of the day however it is mostly preferred as a breakfast tea. The composite and bold flavor allows it to blend with milk nicely therefore unlike many other breakfast teas it can also be relished on its merits all by itself. Tazo Awake has very dark reddish liquor, healthy presence and a flavor that gives it a very quick and clean finish.

Tazo Berry blossom loose leaf: Berry blossom is a blend of White tea, white cranberry and natural blueberry flavors. Tazo berryblossom white has a very delicate sensation. As you take a sip its soft white tea nuance, you might be surprised by the stunning notes of white cranberries and blueberries.

Tazo calm chamomile rose loose leaf: It is an herbal blend of chamomile flowers, rose petals, lemongrass, hibiscus flowers, blackberry leaves, spearmint, safflower, sarsapilla, lemongrass, peppermint, lemon balm, and natural flavors. Calm is soft and soothing drink with a very sweet and flowery tang of chamomile. Chamomile is amongst the classic herbals relished by many for a soothing nightcap. The one made by Tazo has comparatively more color and flavor. There are a variety of flavors to pick up from.

Tazo Jasmine pearl loose leaf: In China, a cup of jasmine tea is considered as a welcoming gesture for their guests. Each and every jasmine pearl is hand made using the bud of Camilla plant. When these pearls are brewed they open up releasing that aroma and flavor of jasmine flower. Jasmine pearls sourced by Tazo offers a very balanced flavor of the jasmine flower as well as maintains the nature of the widely used green tea. Many of the Jasmine teas could taste perfumey as they are made from green tea and depend only on the jasmine flavor.

These were just a few to mention however Tazo as a brand has wide range of loose leaf teas to enjoy. Just get an insight of all the various flavors provided by them you'll have so many different flavors to pick up from.