Tazo Organic Green Tea

Tazo is basically a well known tea brand. Tazo tea was founded near the Red sea in 1987. Tazo in Hindi means fresh. Tazo has a large range of different types of teas. They have black teas, green teas and herbal products. They come in 4 to 5 different types of styles for example tea leaves, filter bags, bottles and full leaves. Green tea comes in different flavors' and styles they are; organic, smooth, delicate, rich, floral, mint, fruity, berry, lemon, refreshing, invigorating, rejuvenating and decaffeinated. The three types of organic green teas are "om", "Envy" and "organic iced green tea". Om comes in filter bags, it is an unusual combination of green and black tea which is delicious, and the leaves are grown in the foothills of the great Himalayas.

The flavor and styles are delicate, floral, refreshing and rejuvenating. It has a fresh flowery taste of black and green Darjeeling teas; which are buttery, nutty notes and have a tint of crisp cucumber and sweet peaches. "om" comes from the Greek word omphalos or belly button. Tazo "om" is the finest green teas from the beautiful India. The flavor profile is delicate, seductive, sweet, slightly vegetative, crisp and fresh. The aroma is floral, vanilla like and of cucumber. The next organic green tea, Envy, is a blend of organic pan fried, organic teas from Hunan province in china, in the Chun Mee style. This tea is somewhat earthy in its nature, rich, slightly astringent brew with slight vegetative characteristics. Also has some hints of smoke. The flavor profile is like green vegetables, smoky, earthy and chestnuts.

The aroma is like woody steamed rice. The leaves are shaped like "eyebrows" so the Chun Mee is also called the eyebrow tea. The style and flavor is Rejuvenating and floral. Also comes in filter bags. The last one is the "bottled organic green tea", a light bodied iced tea, green teas form china and India are brewed together to make this amazing tea. Is fresh and crisp, authentic flavor of green tea and notes like honey. Awesome when served on ice. Also has the styles and flavors lemon, mint, is refreshing, soothing and delicate. Green tea is said to be really good for health and Tazo is one of the finest brand in the world and provides us with the best types of teas.