Tazo Tea Chai Latte

Often, you go to Starbucks and you do not know what to order. In fact, you are completely lost in their expansive menu. It is often a problem of plenty, and the vast selection can be overwhelming, but if you put in a little effort, you can navigate through it. Starbucks is best known for its coffee, but it has a great selection of tea to choose from as well. There is always a long line behind you at the world's most popular barista, so you can't always take your time looking for the perfect tea for you. Whether it is a hectic Monday morning, or a relaxing Saturday afternoon, the Tazo tea chai latte is a great pick.

Starbucks believes in doing things differently, so you need to understand that their menu of sizes is nothing like anything you have ever seen before. You are not going to find the words small, medium and large anywhere in the nearest Starbucks near you. What you will find are the sizes tall, grande, and venti. A tall is your version of small. A grande - yes that does sound very large - is your version of medium. In addition, a venti is Italian for twenty ounces, corresponding to your version of large.

Starbucks does not just serve coffee, but serves tea as well. You can easily lose yourself in the large variety of teas available, but the Tazo Tea chai latte is a great drink for all occasions. The Starbucks brand of tea is called Tazo Tea. This tea is available as green tea, black herbal tea, and chai. You can have these as either lemonades or lattes if you're feeling experimental. The Tazo Tea chai latte is a spicy foamy blend that tingles your taste buds and leaves you feeling refreshed and alive.

Chai is the Hindi word for tea, and the recipe is an ancient traditional Indian one. The recipe is traditionally handed down from generation to generation, and variations can exist across the country of India. The recipe for Tazo Tea chai latte, while top secret, comprises a list of basic ingredients. There is ground cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and star anise, added to black tea made in freshly steamed milk. You can customize your drink in a number of ways. You can ask for more foam, less foam, or no foam at all. You can ask for your drink extra hot, in case you want to make it last and savor its warmth over a long period. You can ask for the 140 degrees option if you want a hot drink at a slightly cooler temperature. There is no need to be afraid while customizing your Tazo tea chai latte, because you know that, it is going to refresh and awaken your senses.