Tazo Tea Company

Tazo Tea is simply a tea which starts when the finest teas of the world are blended together with an imagination which is extraordinary. Modern scholars of tea believe that the Tazo original formulas can be seen on the Tazo stone still, which was found near the Red sea in 1987. The root of the word Tazo is found in many civilization, it means river of life in Romany language, in several Hindi directs "Tazo" means fresh. Mission of Tazo is to intrigue the artful blends, distinctive taste, and use of premium tea. Tazo Tea Company is one of the best tea companies in the world; it was founded in 1994 and is a Portland, Oregon based company. It is a subsidiary or the famous coffee, tea shop starbucks corp.

Tazo Tea Company has a lot of different types of tea suck as black tea, green tea, herbal products etc. The company also offers tea lattes, full leaf tea kits, filter bags, iced and juiced bottled teas which are easily available in small stores, super markets, groceries and natural food stores. A new range of Tazo well-being teas are introduced in the portfolio of the Tazo Tea Company. The new three blends of the company are Tazo rest, Tazo focus and Tazo Thrive; all three are mane from selected Tazo ingredients. These can also be found in natural food stores and groceries. The different types of herbs used in the teas are; cinnamon, Rose petals, blackberry leaves, star anise, vanilla beans, cardamom, hibiscus, chamomile, orange peel, green tea, so on and so forth.

These sound really interesting. The different types of teas that are available are; black teas, green teas and herbal infusions. The different types of flavors and styles are; organic, decaffeinated, bold, rich, soothing, invigorating, rejuvenating, refreshing, floral, spicy, lemon and fruity. Hmm, aren't they just too many to choose from. The herbal infusion tea also has a special type which is caffeine free, which is really nice. Red tea is also available, now don't get confused but the name, most of the black tea in china are called red teas, mainly because of their reddish cups, even this tea is caffeine free. Tea is really good for your health according to the Tazo Tea Company.