Tazo Tea Latte

Among all the tea competitors, the tazo tea has its unique value, walk into any popular tea outlet or the departmental stores tazo tea will stand different among all. The word tazo is derived from roman language. Steve Smith is the person who is the brain behind the branding of the tazo. The tazo was started by him in the year 1994. He is a well-experienced person in the tea industry with the relevant field. The experiment is more than three decades.

What is Tazo Latte?

The tazo tea latte is something that blew life Steve's efforts. Before going into deep about the tazo tea latte we will understand how is latte done. The latte art can be done with all other forms of tea such as the white tea, black tea, green tea, red tea and the oolong tea

Tazo Latte is an intricate design that is made by specific construction of milk. This is only done by the professionals who are trained to do so. By a little inspection, you will find out that the latte art is gaining recognition and popularity worldwide. The designs in demand are the monkey faces with different expressions, swans, sunrise and sunset and the sunsets. This is done with the special latte machines that the company called as the On Latte. More than 200 latte machines have been distributed by the corporation. $400 to $1600 is the price at which the latte machines are sold.

The food coloring of the caramel is used by the art printers of the latte so that on the lattes it stencils the design that you desire. The food coloring of the caramel is the combining of the burnt sugar and the water. This mixture imprints the desired picture on the tazo tea latte. It is not that you can be only creative with specific designs. The technique allows you even to imprint the names of the company and the designs if any are desired by the people

How Did the Tazo Tea Latte Evolve?

There is myth around the tazo tea latte that it is originated from the formulas that were incorporated on the ancient stones. These stones were known as the tazo stones. At the bottom of Red Sea, this stone was found in 1987. Further, studies about the tazo stones revealed that this formula was known to the people from the ancient civilization, which were the Greeks and the Babylonians.