Tazo Tea Lotus

Tazo tea, now known after being popularized by Starbucks, is also known as decaffeinated green tea. It is a subtle green tea with the essence and the aroma of lotus flowers. It uses the best Chinese green teas and brews that are infused with incredible power. The caffeine is replaced with a new, light, clean and flavorsome substitute. It is wonderfully refreshing.

Founded in 1994 by Steve Smith, Tazo has broken many barriers to rise to the prominence it enjoys in the beverage industry. Starbucks later purchased the company for $10.8 million. Tazo tea is highly popular in the market and can be easily found in most department stores. Tazo tea is also served in Starbucks after the chain purchased the brand in 1999. Tazo, translated as "river of life" in the Romany language, was used as a toast to life in Ancient Greece. It is believed that the original recipe was found inscribed on an ancient stone know as the Tazo stone. It is believed that the recipe was used by many civilizations include the Babylonians and the Greeks.

Presently, forty blends of Tazo tea are available in markets and can be classified under four different categories. They are black, oolong, green and white. Preparation of Tazo tea involves a very innovative process, which makes it different from everyday teas. They are prepared using additional ingredients like Chamomile, Star anise, hibiscus, cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla. Tazo teas are available in filter bags, ready to drink bottles and even latte concentrates.

The flavor is truly unique. It is a special variety of teas and blends that allow the flavor to be extracted to the fullest from the leaves. Tazo's success can also be credited to their unique marketing style. Instead of a product logo, each bag was said to have been blessed by a 'certified tea shaman'. Tazo has boasted of being the finest tea maker in the world. Quality has always been at the centre of their vision. The tea is guaranteed to be fresh and delightfully tasty from the very first sip to the last drop.

It's no wonder that it is difficult to go into a supermarket and not see Tazo tea displayed in a prominent location. The purchase of Tazo teas by Starbucks has introduced it to millions of people all over the world. Tazo tea is also reasonably priced when compared to its competitors. It is a perfect choice for you, if you want to have internationally acclaimed tea at a discounted price.